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There are a few things every ecommerce platform should have! Read and discover the 6 must-haves of ecommerce platforms!

Choosing an ecommerce solution can be a terrible experience because of the packages and options available, the sales reps, the difference in prices, the time and money investment, and etc. The right decision will help you make a real progress, increase your ROI, and boost your sales.
Choosing the right ecommerce platform is always up to you, as well as, the resources available to you. Worry not as we are here to give you a few tips and ideas from the pros and help you make the right decision.
Here are the 6 must-haves of ecommerce platforms:

1. Proper Product Image Handling

The photos of your products can offer you some great conversion benefits and make a powerful differentiator in your business niche. Believe it or not – a lot of ecommerce platforms don’t come with the necessary control which is a big issue for some businesses.

2. Product Reviews

The product reviews are great for conversion and apparently many ecommerce platforms today provide built-in review systems. The reviews can also have a positive effect on your rankings. Unfortunately, there are lots of product reviews systems that use JavaScript to present the reviews after the whole page loads, and that provides no SEO benefit at all. In order to make sure that the product reviews on your web page are search engine friendly and readable, you need to check the source on the web page and be absolutely sure the text appears properly in the code. To learn how to manage unlimited products, click here.

3. True 404 Pages, 310 Redirects, and Other Rewrite COntrol

There are some hosted ecommerce platforms that don’t allow control over 310 redirects, as well as, URL rewriting which is a huge problem. There are a lot of platforms that don’t send a proper 404 status for a certain dead page, instead opting to redirect to 302 (status 200) 404.html or much worse to the homepage. As the products you present and sell are removed from your catalog, as a website owner, you should be able to 301 redirect the old URL to the related product or maybe send 4040 status message.

4. Robust Sitemap

Most reliable and modern ecommerce platforms submit Sitemaps to the search engines, however, there is so much more that should be done. Segmented Sitemaps is a great way to monitor and control the induction of various sections of your site. If your ecommerce platform you want to use doesn’t allow you to adapt your Sitemaps, you would be missing out on huge opportunities.

5. Filtered Navigation

Filtered navigation is a testy point amongst the ecommerce platforms. You need an ecommerce platform that offers filtered navigation that does not suck. A modern approach to a filtered navigation is through AJAX. You need to make sure there is an HTML path to your items and you are not hiding any great organic landing pages within your navigation.

6. Website speed

You should be worried about the website speed from a conversion point of view and not as a ranking factor. There is a reason why experts believe that site speed will boost the importance of the algorithms in the future.
These are the most important must-haves every ecommerce platform should have. As long as you stick to the tips and ideas we’ve presented, you will be on your way to finding a great ecommerce platform that can help you build and grow a successful business online.
Share your experience with the ecommerce platforms so far in the comments below!