What Will I Miss with an Online Store Builder Free of Charge

Is it a smart idea to use an online store builder free of charge? What will a miss with a free online site builder? Read and find out!

Using a free online store builder to create your own shop is a great idea, but according to experts, it is not the smartest one. It is great for beginners who aren’t familiar with the designing process, however, if you are serious about your online shop and you want to build a successful ecommerce store, we highly recommend you to consider other options.

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Hackers from Your E-Commerce Site

Selling online can be a real challenge, especially if you are new on the market and people don’t trust your business. The main problem is usually related to the domain name. Most free online store builders won’t provide you with a domain name with .com or .net extension as they cost extra money. Instead, your store URL will be something like The name is long, confusing, and not so easy to remember.

The free online store builders who offer free ecommerce stores also make up some of the cost by including ads. Usually, it is just for their platforms, but in some cases, it is for other services. The point is that it doesn’t look professional.

When using online store builder free of charge, you are likely to miss out on features. Most providers will keep their best options or templates for paying users only. As you know, secure encryption or SSL is a must-have for ecommerce websites and you won’t always get SSL for free.

The free platforms operate on a so-called freemium model. Creating a website is free, however, if you want to expand, you have to pay extra. This is the point where we would like to recommend you to consider premium plans as well. In the long run, it might be beneficial for you and your business.

There is nothing wrong with using a free online builder, but you can consider one for test runs only. Who knows? Maybe your sales will take off and you will want to expand your business. If you want to add more products and grow your online business in the feature, considering premium website builder solutions is a smarter choice.

Some of the best premium website builder solutions to check out are Shopify, Wix, BigCommerce, Volusion, 3DCart, and Squarespace.

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