Here Are the Top 3 Open Source E-commerce Platforms That Will Boost Your Sales In 2018 And Beyond

2018 and beyond will mark an expansion of the e-commerce businesses. New online business will come to the surface. The virtual sales will grow and more customers will turn to online shopping. Also, as it has been previously, new e-commerce platforms will be introduced in the marketplace. The platform will possess features and customization to fit the current customer preferences and market trends. However, with the new add-ons, the cost of using them will be higher than the current one.

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Fortunately, open source platforms are available for people looking forward to saving on costs and desiring greater control of their websites. Although they are good sources, you need to have web development skills or funds to hire a tech guru. If you have met either of the requirements, here are the top 3 open source e-commerce platforms:


OpenCart is a leading open source platform. The platform provides you with a wide range of themes to help your business grow and expand. The good thing about it is that it is free. You do not need to pay monthly charges or fees. Also, you enjoy free updates of the software. For your SEO success, the platform comes with inbuilt features to help you rank better. Also, you get free community support or opt for the dedicated one in case you have some challenges.

   Magento community edition

If you love a platform with more users, Magento community edition is a good option for you. The platform has more than 200,000 users and it’s one of the popular open sources.  If you want to be on the same platform with e-commerce businesses such as Blik, Hello! Lucky, and Bonobos among others, this platform is your option. Like OpenCart, you will get free support from the platform community helping you to deal with any implementation and setup challenges.

   X Cart

If you are looking for a platform to launch a free online store on an open source e-commerce platform? Well, X Cart offers you an opportunity to do this through its freemium option. The option also provides you a lifetime license which is a rare dime in most freemium PHP carts. Should you need more features, you can upgrade to the paid option.

In overall, the open source e-commerce platforms are suitable for webpreneurs with adequate coding knowledge or funds to hire tech experts. Hence, if you want total control of your online presence and an opportunity to customize your online store according to your preferences, this is the better option.

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